Heartwarming Valentine’s special offer Hotelplan

Anita Baker of Toerkoop travel agency Bakker is the winner of the heartwarming special offer of Valentines of Hotelplan. By making a booking for a Valentine Package she won a voucher GiftFor2 ‘Pure stay for two”.

Hotelplan brought with the special offer, which yielded a large number of bookings, the cities offered to notice. Nothing was left to chance. Thus, the agent received a Valentine package with booking information on five spectacular city offers. This package consisted of an entertaining hand warmer in the shape of a heart (which in this harsh winter is also handy!) on a flyer and window poster with Hotelplan cities offer. The cities nationwide campaign was supported by advertisements in the Spits, Metro and AD. Moreover, the customer was called for a special Valentine’s Package or GiftFor2 bonus ‘Breakfast for2’ and won a special campaign site after a Valentine message.

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