Expedia TAAP good start in 2014

Expedia TAAP announces that in the Netherlands they started off to a very successful 2014 with a double digit growth in booking value compared to last year. This tremendous growth trend began in 2013, and thus seems to have continued into 2014.

Expedia TAAP in their own words are more and more recognized in the Netherlands and noticed by travel agents as a tool for booking accommodation and other travel products. Expedia saw agencies in both the leisure and business customers who booked through Expedia TAAP, in about 97% of cases booked for a trip within seven days of travel time.

In 2013 there was about a 50/50 balance between European and intercontinental destinations, with a high performance in the U.S. and the rest of the Middle East and Asia. New York was the most popular destination, followed by London, Paris, Dubai and Amsterdam. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas and Barcelona completed the top 10 destinations for 2013.

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