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On the way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on Saturday the 8th of March, the MH370 disappeared with 239 passengers on board.

I try to imagine what is happening in the minds of hundreds of relatives of the passengers of flight MH370. Your partner going on a trip, nothing fancy and then the plane disappeared and you have to expect the worst. But after eleven days there is apparently nothing found. What an intense tragedy these survivors need to undergo. Every mobile phone can be traced, but the plane disappeared from earth … That’s how everyone is understanding it.

The survivors are left with feelings of great uncertainty, grief and incomprehension. The grief gradually gives way to anger. We plan space travel, 3D printing prosthetics and so on, but a 777 got lost. I feel anger rising. It takes days before help is sought from other countries.
Only after a week are the homes of the pilots searched. There were two passengers with stolen passports on board, how the hell is that possible? The next time I will take my shoes off by the security, I will not sigh anymore, they are still not waterproof.

Lots of questions and no answers, impotence prevails. I am really trying to imagine what the families feel, but for me that is impossible. Or, I remember that my wife and child are driving towards the direction of the daycare and then I hear nothing more from them eleven days… now I have goosebumps.


Tom van Apeldoorn

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