Newcomer EXPRNCE focuses on “bucket list” traveling

EXPRNCE website has been launched this week. For the first time in the travel industry, EXPRNCE focuses entirely on travel bucket list which is something that does not exist in the Dutch market.

To get the most out of life and to experience more, people are making a personal bucket list. This is a very popular trend which EXPRNCE is cleverly playing. The website offers six different deals every day at very attractive prices for the domestic and foreign. “The diversity of travel agencies in the Netherlands is large, but there is not an organization that focuses specifically on the travel bucket list yet,” said Bert Bakker (spokesman of EXPRNCE). Bert thinks that this is a very unique concept to have.

Bert indicates that research has shown that one from pressure or lack of money has often not come to the realization of their dream. Therefore, they can now go to EXPRNCE, where you can book a book list with ease. Whether it is to go flyboarden in Zeeland, throwing tomatoes in Valencia or heli skiing in Canada. Every dream can be turned into an experience with EXPRNCE.

On the site EXPRNCE they can also create their own bucket list alongside booking a trip and share. For inspiration, one can also see the lists of others and possibly use it to expand his or her list.

XPRNCE is an initiative of Events Travel and eQommerce, two companies that saw new opportunities for offering the travel bucket list. “It is about time that people’s dreams do come true and we are going there to help them,” said Bert.

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