Oad connected mid-2017 to Ajax

Ajax and Oad have signed a renewed cooperation agreement today. The agreement has a term of three years, until 30 June 2017. The organization provides  the care in the coming seasons of transporting teams and Ajax supporters to away games in the Netherlands.

Oad makes part of the larger Oad Reizen. The bus company was able to achieve a rapid start in September 2013, making the organization’s bus transportation for Ajax continue.

The agreement marks the official start of a new collaboration between Ajax and Oad. Due to the persistence of the familiar drivers and staff from the Oad organization, it means a continuation of the cooperation of recent years. Oad is a supplier of Ajax and will include LED Boarding visible in the Amsterdam Arena.

Edwin van der Sar, marketing director of Ajax: “We are delighted that we have been able to extend the cooperation in the third year. Great satisfaction, we have been using the services of Oad. This proved the case last weekend when Oad also transported nearly a thousand fans during Ajax Fanweekend from Zeewolde to the Amsterdam ArenA”.

Frans Schuitemaker,CEO Oad: “We are delighted that Oad got Ajax confidence again. To be able to cater for both the players and for the loyal fans, the buses for Ajax is an honor and a pleasure. We look forward once again in the following years to put out our best drivers and the nicest buses for them.

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