Travel agency Den Haag ”just open” during nuclear summit

Travel agencies in the Hague Statenkwartier, one kilometer away from the World Forum where the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) will next Monday and Tuesday be holding their “just open”, this is what employees(s)  told the  TravelPro magazine. Today they already started the deposits, a day earlier than announced. ” Whether we expect less than normally? I do not know. We just have to be open. We’ll see how the next week is going to run.”

The Arke travel agencies in The Hague announced to stay open. D-trips, which also have a shop at the Frederick Henry Avenue a mile away from the World Forum, has announced that it is difficult for some employee (s)  who live outside the city to reach the city. ” We expect less assault and no, we should not expect to see Obama on the street walking”

The regular traffic at Schiphol continues and is distributed among the other four take-off and landing runways. Limitation of airspace and (hour) capacity of the airport at certain times means that, possibly, changes to the flight schedules are needed. Passengers will be informed by their airline.

Because of closed highways and expected traffic congestion Schiphol recommends travelers as soon as possible to come by train. The NS brought in longer trains. On the roads in the Schiphol area – The Hague  is expected rush hour crowds on the (fast) roads. The entrances and exits of the A4 and from Schiphol otherwise remain accessible.

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